Nextfort Data Center

Nextfort Data Center adopted an innovative design approach that results in very low impact to the surrounding communities, especially the adjacent neighboring residential development. The data center industry typically needs one watt of cooling power for every watt of energy it takes for processing. Nextfort uses only one quarter of the cooling cost compared to a conventional data center. A 400 SF œhigh-density computing suite module is at the heart of the project. 25 modules have been built to date on this 180,000 SF campus. Each module holds 20 high-density IT racks for a total load of up to 225 kilowatts, a three times higher density than a conventional data center. The modules contain more processing power in the same space of a conventional data center, reducing the center’s footprint and its impact on its surroundings.

Location: Chandler, AZ Client: Nextfort Ventures Size: 34,000 SF Completed: 2013