275 Rivulon

Rivulon is a master plan community to be developed in phases over the next +/- 20 years in the Southeast Valley. A wide desert arroyo, with meandering walkways, seating, turf and significant landscape, serves to break up parking fields between development parcels and creates pedestrian pathway opportunities that continue throughout the master plan. A series of walks provide connections from parking to building entries and building to future buildings, further enhancing the overall ability of tenants to walk to adjacent services and amenities. Parking fields are divided into smaller sub areas and include large landscape islands to promote health and growth of the trees and landscape materials.
The building portrays a sense of elegance, simplicity and quality “ all centered around allowing the building to sit timelessly within the rich landscape environment that will become the cornerstone of Rivulon. A one-story stone façade creates a well detailed, textural, richly authentic solid base for the structure at the pedestrian scale. The glass window wall that sits atop the base promotes the tenant desired panoramic views to the surrounding mountain ranges and creates maximum flexibility for space planning of the targeted user groups. A 5′ roof overhang creates meaningful shading that further enhances the effectiveness of the high performance glazing systems. The glass is neutral in color with a moderate level of transparency, allowing the coatings to subtly reflect the changing sky conditions and blend with the adjacent landscape environment.

Location: Gilbert, AZ Client: Nationwide Realty Investors Size: 132,000 SF Completed: 2015