Abby Madrigal

Associate/Project Manager

Abby’s interest in Architecture did not start until she was in high school when she was exposed to an Architectural class at a Technical High School. Walking through the classroom and seeing all the architectural models and blueprints sparked her interest in architecture that she did not even know she had. Abby started her journey by taking architectural classes during her last two years of high school and then continued to college when she accepted an internship that quickly turned into a full-time job. Abby has been practicing Architecture for over 17 years Abby has had different roles in the field of Architecture for over 17 years now and loves it. She has been a part of some amazing projects and worked with great clients in her career and she cannot wait to see what the future holds for her at Butler Design Group. BDG has been a tremendous part of her career since 2006 and she feels extremely blessed to be part of this amazing, talented, and caring group of individuals she calls her BDG Family. Abby has a wonderful husband and a loving son that mean everything to her. They are her biggest supporters in all she does and cannot really ask for anything else. Life is great!