Lanny Shaw

Associate | Design Director

From an early age, Lanny knew what career path he wanted to take. In fact, when he was about 10 years old, his teacher tasked the class to write a poem about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Lanny’s poem was inevitably about becoming an architect. Building things has always been his passion, whether it was creating a Lego city or hammering boards together on his dad’s workbench. He was always looking for ways to bring the ideas from his head to physical form.

Lanny studied architecture at the University of Arizona where he received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Design in 2002. Lanny found the school of architecture at the University of Arizona to be a hands-on and exciting place to learn, explore, and to this day, he still uses the tools he received in school.

Since then, Lanny has enjoyed a fulfilling career practicing architecture and knows that he found an awesome place to do so when he joined Butler Design Group in 2013. As a licensed Architect and Senior Designer, Lanny has been able to be a part of countless wonderful projects and has met some amazing people in the process.

Outside of work, Lanny enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys the scramble of keeping track of his four children and all the activities they are into. Between family and his hobby of woodworking, there is never a dull moment.