Nevina Blue

Project Coordinator

Nevina was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves to travel and has always appreciated the art and architecture found around the world. While she actively studied art in high school, it wasn’t until college that she decided to study design and work toward a life in the architecture field.

Nevina graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing an accredited master’s degree in the same field. In 2022, she was involved in a design build program that partners with an agricultural school in Tamesis, Columbia to allow college students to design real projects that impact the school’s community, as well as the overall community of Tamesis. The program also worked with ASU in 2020 to create outdoor classroom spaces at the Polytechnic campus. Working at BDG has given her the opportunity to experience a positive work environment and learn about the realities of architecture while she still studies at ASU.