Rick Butler


Rick considers himself a native Arizonan, having lived here since he was ten years old. His formative years were spent as an artist, athlete, budding philosopher, and admirer of design and construction. He was fascinated by everything around him, particularly the built environment. He simply wanted to create. Rick is fortunate to have come from an artistic gene pool. His mother, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather were all creatively gifted. His integrity and work ethic were instilled in him by his father. Rick began his architecture career while in high school, he then left college early to pursue his passion for architecture full time. While the “self-taught” route does not work for most people—and can be a daunting path to achieving Registration and legitimacy in the profession—it worked for him. It challenged Rick to work hard, learn independently, and apply practical “street smarts” in everything he did, every day. His career has included long hours and hard work, but it has been immensely satisfying for him. Rick is extremely fortunate to be able to do what he loves every day. After a career with two other firms over a 19-year period, Rick started BDG in 1996. He says, “it was both terrifying and exhilarating! It was also the smartest professional move I could have made.” He is proud that BDG has blossomed not only financially, but culturally and professionally into an esteemed, industry-recognized, award-winning practice. He feels it is especially satisfying to see the growth and passion in the other members of the firm.

Rick has a marvelous wife of over 30 years, two terrific boys, and two dogs. Each day, he cannot wait to get up and start anew. Rick cherishes his close family, wonderful friends, and great clients—all of whom have shaped who he is today.

Rick’s personal motto is to live life, have fun, and rub off on the people around you. Be serious about what you do—but do not take yourself too seriously!