Toby Rogers

Project Director

For Toby, early on in grade school, he started building tree houses while growing up in the Kansas City area. This must-have influenced his interest in Architecture. Toby attended the University of Kansas School of Architecture. Upon graduation, Toby moved to Denver for skiing opportunities, and finally got serious with his architectural career when he moved to Phoenix in the 1980’s. Toby had the fortunate opportunity to be a Project Architect for several large-scale projects, such as Phoenix City Hall, Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse and the Phoenix Plaza. For Toby, having been an employee, a partner in another firm, and now his most rewarding position has been with BDG. The past 30 years in Phoenix have been both fulfilling and exciting, and he still enjoys the collaborative process of solving the challenges of every client’s project. Toby’s life outside the office includes enjoying wine country with his wife and bringing their two dogs along, all while taking time to stop and smell the roses along the way!