William Alexander


William has lived in Phoenix since 1982, which is as close to being an Arizona native as one can be without being born here. Architecture has always subtly fascinated William as he would always feel excitement seeing a new building of any genre being constructed around town, anxiously waiting in anticipation to see what the finished product would look like. Even though he pursued other career interests throughout his life such as, Veterinarian, CIA agent, Film, Psychology, Electronics Engineering, Russian Language Interpreter (to name a few), it was not until a trip to New York and a visit to the Guggenheim Museum featuring an extensive Frank Gehry exhibit that sparked a passion for architecture within him. Three years later, William graduated from ASU with a Master’s in Architecture and has been working primarily in the design of Residential/Multi-Family, Commercial office, and Industrial projects. William’s current goal is to complete the Architectural Registration Exams and become a licensed Architect.